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Skagit Valley USBC is excited to present our new Awards Program. Our focus was to provide recognition to our members with products that our members would be interested in receiving. With sponsorship from the local bowling centers, we were able to more than double our budget and setup a Redemption Awards Point System. This will allow bowlers to save points from multiple awards to purchase items of value. Members can redeem online or through their league secretary.

3 Easy Steps…


Bowl in a sanctioned league at Oak Bowl, Paradise Lanes, Riverside Lanes or San Juan Lanes!

Earn Points

Earn points for awards based on your accomplishments. Awards are geared to all skill levels so everyone has an opportunity to earn points!


Shop on line at or see your league secretary to redeem your points. Your purchase will be presented at your bowling league.

How it Works

When an award is earned, the bowler will be presented with an award card as recognition for receiving an award. The card will have the bowler’s name, the date the award was won and the point value for the award.

The bowler can choose to redeem the points right away or accumulate points to receive better products. Points do not expire, although points may increase for certain products based on the cost of the products.

Bowlers can only receive points for an award once in a season. A score can only apply for the highest award possible. A series is considered a separate score from games. For example, a bowler has a 125 average and bowls a 175 game, 200 game and a 150 game for a 575 series. The bowler will receive a 50 Over Average award for the 175 game, a 75 Over Average for a 200 game and 150 Over Series Average for a 575 series. The bowler will receive a total of 275 points for that night of bowling. If a bowler bowls a 300 game, they will receive the award for a 300 but not for 11 in a row since the 300 is the higher award.

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For questions, contact Lonny Olson at:
Phone: 507-210-1432

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